Connection provide another import channel to sqlite from MySQL & CoreData data resource.

MySQL Connect

CoreData Connect

CoreData Connection is fully automatic by link iOS/OSX probe framework to your ruuning App project. Fully demo can be found from link

CoreData Probe Framework Guide

  • Step1:Find Probe framework
  • From Help Menu,Click Show SQLite+ Probe Library in Finder.UnZip
  • Step2:Link iOS Project
  • For iOS app,you drag XXXProbeIOS.framework to your XCode project Framework Group and Add Build settings other link flags to Objc as below
  • Step3:Link OSX Project
  • For OSX app,In addition to adding XXXProbeOSX.framework to project Framework Group, you must also add Build Phases setting as shown below.

Import Data To SQLite

There are 4 ways to import data to sqlite database:

  • Database/CoreData Model import

  • Selected Tables/Entities import

  • Selected Table/Entity Data Page Import

  • Query Data Import