Basic Login

If connect to specific database or SAAS platform,you must input database name ,such as MongoLabs test environment.

If connect to your local mongo server or your VPS server, database can be optional, means fetch all database.

Save your connection settings:go to Preference,Check Remember Password And Auto-Login Button,Then restart MongoX,auto-connect to your server.

SSH Tunnel: when connect your server by ssh tunnel , Check Use SSH button, input ssh url which format is username@host:port.

Data Browse

In Browse Tab Panel,you can browse collection data through the page. every page data row number can be config by Preference(Browse Max Row Numbers).

bottom-right 4 buttons is go to first/previous/next/last page respectively. bottom-left buttons, first button(+) is adding data on current collection. second (-) is delete selected row data. third means import data;fourth is export data button;fifth trash button can delete all data from current selected collection.

Mongo Connection Menu

Database Node Menu

Collection Node Menu

Edit Data

click row select collection data and double-click active edit panel,modify json data.

Query Data

Data Export

If check Save As single collection file, every collection export as a single file ,otherwise all collection data export as one file.